Muscleart is the vision of artist, Mark Edmonds.

Mark has been involved in various art based projects for more than 20 years. He spent 2 years studying graphic design and has also trained in calligraphy writing, mosaic design, gilding and stained glass. For many years he has also had a passion for interior design.

In his professional career, Mark has always been involved working with the human body. For almost 30 years this has been in the role of a Sports Massage Therapist and prior to that, competing for a decade as a professional triathlete for Team GB.

This detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the human body has been invaluable in achieving the best aesthetic composition for his casts.

The combination of these acquired skills have given him a fantastic opportunity to create some truly unique bespoke finished art pieces.

Mark discovered life casting in 2012, having completed introductory courses at City Lit college in Holborn. In 2015 he began studying with a personal tutor, to hone his skills.

In the past few years he has now accrued many portfolio pieces. These can be viewed by clients and will offer inspiration and ideas for deciding on the look for their own finished cast.

His passion is to create original pieces of sculpture that combine stunning physiques, interesting athletic poses and unique artwork.

In the coming years Mark is very excited to further grow his collection of life casting work and add to the diversity of his portfolio of designs and artwork.

Gallery exhibition coming soon… Watch this space!…