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MuscleArt is a life casting studio.

Life casting is the process whereby a mould is taken directly from the body using alginate (a seaweed based product). This mould is then used to produce a sculpture from the form. This raw sculpture is then shaped to enhance the muscular definition and optimise the overall aesthetics of the final piece.

MuscleArt offers 2 services:

  1. A bespoke commission service for clients who want their own or partners bodies cast. The design/pose of the final piece can be tailored to the clients needs/wants as much as possible within the boundaries of the moulding process.

    The raw cast taken can then be further shaped by fine definition sculpting work, similar to the way a photograph is airbrushed. This will remove any scars/skin blemishes/spots/stretch marks etc and can also be used to slightly alter/improve the aesthetics of the finished piece. Obviously the degree of desired definition work required can be discussed with the client at the time of the casting.

  2. Clients can purchase a copy of casts that I have previously commissioned and made myself. These are produced from a silicone mould made from the original sculpture.

The actual finished cast is made from fine artists casting plaster. It is then sealed and sprayed with several coats of paint and hand finished to offer a super smooth, polished piece of artwork, with a similar look and feel to that of porcelain.

Finishing Options available:

  1. Standard:
    The standard finish is matt white.
  2. Spray painted:
    Casts can be sprayed in whatever colour/finish you desire. Matt, metallic and glossy finishes are all possible (at an additional cost).
  3. Metal coated:
    Casts can also be coated with a metal veneer as another option to personalise the finished piece.
    Gunmetal grey, bronze and copper finishes all look particularly stunning.
  4. Bespoke hand painted artwork:
    For clients wishing for an even more distinctive personalised finish, then I also offer a bespoke hand painted artwork service. I have many hand painted sculptures within my portfolio stock which will give suggestions and ideas of the possible artwork effects that are achievable.

Spray painting, bespoke hand painted artwork or metal coating finishes can also be applied at a later date also, if you decide to change from the basic finish.

All additional artwork costs will be agreed/quoted prior to the artwork beginning and will be based loosely on the amount of hours needed and the costs of the additional materials needed.